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Goose hunting in DC area and upper Virginia

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I was wondering if there are any goose hunters or duck hunters around the DC area and upper virginia area. I wanted to see if anyone would like to team up on these this upcoming season. I am moving from Texas and want to continue hunting these birds. I have lots of dekes to help out any spread. Thanks
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Send the officers of the Va. Waterfowlers' Assoc. an email. They may know a member in that area who can help you out.
If you are looking for a guided goose hunt, try Little Ruddy with Western Loudoun Outfitters in Northern Va (757) 868-7364
If you are looking for a duck or seaduck guided hunt in the Chesapeake Bay, give Jeff Coates of Pitboss Waterfowl,Inc. a chat (410) 838-7264. Check out his website:
Jeff is a top notch guy. I have never heard anyone speak negative of him.

BHO & Company,
I am an utter novice at both, but want to do more. I've hunted at Marine Corps Base Quantico and Lake Anna. I lack the money for managed hunts and don't have many bright ideas on location (see "utter novice.")

Quantico hasn't seen many migratory Canada Geese this year & has a relatively small resident population. The ramp I used to use at Lake Anna has been blocked by boulders and a guard rail...

I am all ears for info on locations and opportunities to set up via canoe or in a field!
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