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Goose Hunting Guides in MO or KS

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I am interested in going to Missouri or Kansas goose hunting soon. Can any of you give me a name and number of a good goose guide.
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try these guys,

I'm not associated with them, they killed over 3,500 last year.
I have owned Remington 1100's,1187's &870's(in 3in. & 3.5in.). I have also owned a BPS 10ga. and a Benelli Super Black Eagle and Super Nova. The very best of all is the Super Nova because it always operates. Even in the most terrible circumstances it has continued to fire. Mud,ice,dogs.rain and dust are all problems my gun has endured and worked like a champ. The Super Nova is simple to clean,anyone can do it. However it has its drawbacks, the safety is on the front of the trigger guard and takes a little getting used to and the screw in chokes must be greased or they rust. Both problems are easy to overcome. When you compare price with the reducer it is far less expensive than any automatic and competes with any pump on the market. The difference in 10 ga. 3.5 in. & 12 ga. 3.5 in. are very small when it comes to making long shots. With the 12 ga. a hunter will have more rapid recovery for the second shot and the third shot than the guy shooting a 10 ga. With the factory reducer installed on theSuper Nova, the recoil is comparable to most automatics shooting the same loads.
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