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Goose Flaring Problem

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:( Hi this is my first year goose hunting and I am having a problem with geese flaring about 50 yrds before my spread. I am hunting in south texas and I am putting out 36 white goose shells with heads, around 50 white plastic bag socks with black wing tips, 10 dark brown bodys and 24 black trash bags(shaped like bodys,socks) on stakes. I am using a v shaped set up and placing the black bags on the end of the v. Only 2 hunters are hunting the spread and dress up in white tyvek suits to blend in with the spread. The spread is placed in the middle of a rice field that has been plowed and flattend. We have a black flag and a cane pole that we fly at all times. The problem is that the geese see the spread and turn to land, cup thier wings and then right before shooting range the flare off. We tried with the flag down and have got the same result. I have hunted with a cousin of mine where we just put on white coats and have had plenty of succes. I don't understand what the problem could be but any information you could give me would be very much apprecitated. Again this is the first year that I have ever set up a spread. Thanks
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124 decoys the first year of goose hunting. :shock: Let me guess, you are from Texas (I am just joking around). :lol: Those trash bags could be a problem when it is sunny with the glare. If you can, you might want to get some better decoys. They might get close and then see that they are not geese and flare. Just my opinion.
How many decoys are recommend? The bags we selected when we bought them were of the dull type. They look very similar to the texas rags sold by the Bass Pro shop. What type of decoys do you recommend? and do you think we may have a problem with the white bags also. The white bags were from bass pro shops?
You should try putting your best dekes forward. By the time the birds get to your rags and bags it should be too late. I would trash the bags though. If it reflects light it is not a good thing. Stay still and call them all the way in.
Get some shells. Fullbodies are great too, but they are a pain in the a$$ to haul around. I really like the GHG over-size shells with flocked heads. Buy some motion stakes (GHG) for them and they look just like a fullbody. Good luck. :)
I'm no expert, but... try moving a small group of you best decoys 30 yards upwind of the main body.... lay in these...this should let the geese in

If that dont work... cammo yourselves in upwind without any decoys
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