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goose decoy spreads

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whats the best spread for hunting early season and late season geese in a winter wheat field?
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Does anyone have any good decoy spreads they would like to share? I've seen a couple different spreads and i just wanted to know work the best.
I just tried this a week or go and it worked good. I had about 30 decoys in one spot all about 5 feet apart from each decoy and then put my five best deoys about 30 yards away from the main group and have them facing into the wind and towards the main group. The geese should land between the main group and the small group, so it looks like the small group just landed.
I try an mimick whatever I see the real geese doing in the fields when I'm out scouting. Usually it's small family groups in a relatively straight line, with one group at the upwind side that is slightly off to the side of the main line (sort of a L shape).
Has anyone used the "x" shape in the field? If so how did it work?
We used the "X" when I hunted in MD from a pit. We'd put'em out 1st day and pick'em up last day of season. Can't do that anymore....Friggin' Thieves! Worked with any wind direction. Only adjustements we'd make is widen landing area when really big flocks would work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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