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Goose Call Question

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Could anybody offer some comments about Heartland Short reed goose calls and Zink PC-1 goose calls?
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I've got a's loud and has good tone. I'd buy Heartlands again....Zink???not!!!! over-rated!!!!!!!! Winglock is the way to go for a honker call

save a few bucks and get some dekes with the leftover $$$$$
I like the PC-1, it sounds pretty darn good. The SR-1 fit my situation a bit better, but wouldn't hesitate to get a PC-1 down the road if funds are there.
Heartlands are a very well made call with a screw in insert ideal for those that do not want to double them up on your lanyard. I have owned Almost every call from both call makers. They both sound very good. My favorite Hearltand is the new Stage Freight. Fred Zinks calls are also very well made and you can't get a whole lot goosier than an SR-1! The PC-1 is probably my least favorite of the calls he makes. My got to's have become the LM-1 and PM-1. Again, both call manufacturers you are looking at are great. The Heartland Delrins are fantastic calls for the money. I would go to a store wich sells both and try them out for yourself!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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