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Goose Breast Hot Wing Style

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You need 2 cups flour split into two bowls, 1/2 cup buttermilk or egg/whole milk mixed, salt/pepper, and a bottle of store bought hot wing sauce, and of course your goose breasts. Pre-heat oil in a deep fryer or outdoor cooker.

Cut breasts into strips across the grain. Season one bowl of flour with salt and pepper. Dip goose strips in plain flour, then into milk, then into seasoned flour. Deep fry strips then drain quickly on paper towels. Toss the strips into a large bowl with about 1/2 cup of the hot wing sauce then put out on a serving platter. p.s. have cold drinks ready in advance - you'll need them! If you prefer to make your own hot wing sauce - experiment with melted butter and your favorite hot sauce (I use tabasco) until you get the balance that suits your tastes.
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I'm assuming that you preheat the turkey fryer to 350 degrees, but how long do you deep fry the strips?
You're right - 350 degrees is pretty standard. I usually cook the strips until the coating is a golden brown. This seems to be about 3 -5 minutes depending on how thick they are cut. Like doing fish filets, it almost comes down to a little bit of experience, observation and personal taste as to what a person considers properly done. I like the meat about medium/rare to medium but my brother-in-law prefers to cook to a well done state. Hope you had a good season and good luck with this.
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