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Good mix?

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I only own a dozen GHG shells at the time. I am buying another dozen or 2 and my buddy is buying a dozen. I was wondering if we are better of buying some silos, just shells, or pooling or money and only getting a dozen fullbodys to go with my dozen shells? Let me know what you think is a good mix or the best option. Also should we add stakes to our shells.

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I would get the shells and get motion stakes for them. They might be even better (I think they are) than fullbodies if they are on motion stakes.

We kill a lot of geese in Wisconsin with two dozen shells in the early season as well as the regular season. Late season calls for a few more dekes because the flocks are larger, but you've got the right idea. You can't go wrong with the full bodies or the shells on motion stakes. Take a look at flocking the heads it really makes a difference.
Thanks guys!!! Ill keep this in mind when we go to buy the dekes. Is there a certain motion stake thats better than the rest or will anything do the job? I take it we should shy away from the silos also?

Thanks again I apprieciate it
I would get the GHG motion stakes. I wouldn't say that you should shy away from silos. I just think shells with motion stakes are better. Silos are great when you have to carry decoys for a couple hundred yards. Remember, location is the key to shooting geese. If you are in a good spot, it won't matter what kind of decoys you have.
Goosehunter 2118 is right on the money. I know guys that only use silos and kill tons of geese. Being in the right spot at the right time is critical. Do your scouting. Practice your call. Do some research on different setups by watching the local geese as they come in to feed when you are not hunting them. They will tell you what they like and don't like.
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