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Good call to buy??

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I am mainly killing ducks, but, we get the occasional goose or two that comes over. I have only owned two goose calls, a Primos Mother, and the HS Slammer. the primos i absolutely hate, and the HS sounds good but it sticks constantly. I am looking for a decent short reed for under 50 bucks. and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Or if someone has a better used call for sale, let me know also. thanks
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Foiles Meat Grinder is around $59
same guts as the strait meat honker- that goes for $150
Tmoney said:
Foiles Meat Grinder is around $59
same guts as the strait meat honker- that goes for $150
Good calls.
One word says it all...Winglock
bill saunders Reload or a Tim Grounds supermag
The Tim Grounds Poly Carb Super mag is a good call, its just like the supermag, but cheaper. Also doesn't Fred zink make a similar poly-carb style call
I second the Winglock. Picked up a winglock delrin online for $58 and doubt I will buy another goose call for a long time![/quote]
Echo also makes a pretty good polycarb short reed
I would have to agree 100% on the Winglock. I Bought a delrin early this season. Liked it so much I bought a couple for christmas gifts. A close second, in my mind would be the half bread. just two excellent, inexpensive calls. You'll never need to up grade unless you just like spending money.
My favorite poly calls are the Supermag, Meat Grinder and Mann's eastern shorty. Can't go wrong with any of the above. A buddy of mine loves his Winglock, although I have not blown it much, it sounds good.

Zink does have poly calls in his PC and PM calls.. not blown the polys but if it says Zink they are probably well worth the money
The Head said:
I would have to agree 100% on the Winglock. You'll never need to up grade unless you just like spending money.
How do you upgrade from a Winglock????Buy a pet goose???? :lol:
Rick's having a sale now. Winglock Maple SR goose call, Winglock Maple DR duck call and Lanyard...$55. Can't beat it!
:mrgreen: I gotta go with the winglock. This call sounds great and is very easy to blow. All the guts are the same on these calls from the wood to the delrin which is a duPont made product to the top of the line acrylic. Great price great call. john
I have been known to come across the wrong way but I mean no harm indeed......

You can call on what you want, you can pay what you want, you can you say that you own a Tim Grounds, or a Lausman, or a whatever, but when it comes down to it, for the money, a Big River will talk just like them all. I use a 22.00 Flock Talk and have hunted with some of the best callers going and I can stay right beside them the whole way. We've killed geese with just an old honker call for 5.00. I dont suggest Primos for sure. Get a cheap one, I have been sucessful with all Big River calls including duck calls also. They are cheap and they work well. Very well!!!
Another Idea may be a body of Acrylic that will accept standard .620 dia guts, which are worth about $5, and try several assy's. Spair wedges may allow several types to be applied.. I offered extra guts with calls last year, just for the curious who'd like to experiment..surprisingly, little interest.
I've got to be honest here guys. I use a cheap flute to get their attention and a cheap lohman acrilic to bring them in. I've done OK with them. Would I buy a better one? Yea if I could afford one. I get call envy from my buddy's meat grinder. It just sounds so much better. I can call very well with my el'cheap'os but I sure would like to have a good call to use.
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