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I was wondering if you guys where gloves in the winter and just try to keep half warm with hand warmers. If u do where gloves, can you blow your SR with them on? I can't get mine to break. Don't know if it's operator error and just need to do a lot of practicing or if you just can't. THanks.
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I always have at least 2 pairs of gloves with me when we go out. I often wear a big pair of warm skiing gloves to set out decoys and then keep them in my bag.

Then I put on my heavy camo gloves til geese start coming. Then I have a hand muff with hand warmers in it or I put a hand warmer in each of my coat pockets.

I'm always changing what I'm doing, but once you lose your hands to the cold, it gets very uncomfortable.

Then again this is just what I do.
I put on cotton gloves that have a good grip. My hands get very cold quick with those gloves on, so I bought a muff. Best $20 I have ever spent. :D Put some hand warmers inside the muff and you are set to go.
I use two pairs, too...a cotton pair under a Max 4 camo neoprene that I can still shoot with.
I don't wear gloves except a thin pair when setting out decoys. Pockets or a kangaroo-style handwarmer seems to keep my hands way warmer than gloves. Just my .02
use 150 gr thinsulate glove for the set up, then switch to a muff with hand warmers, also put a hand warmer under my hat.
I've tried neoprene gloves for setting out decoys and sitting in the blind, my hands always sweat and then get cold.I end up ditching them after setting out decoys and then just stuffing my hands in my pockets. This year I'm gonna use the new Avery hand muff, it's neoprene on the outside to keep it waterproof,just pull your hands out and start calling!!! Plus it'sreally warm!!
I typically try not to wear gloves. You can't get enough back pressure to get a call to break over with gloves on.
I wear heavy gloves when setting dekes and switch to a pair of lighter gloves when calling. My favorite are the golves that you see women wearing. They are light and warm at the same time. I only wear gloves when I have to. That's my opinion at least. Try several things and see what happens. Thats the only way you'll know what works best for you.
Are there thin polypropelene glove liners like the liner socks? I think that a pair of these put on first, then the Thinsulates, would prevent the sweat (the sweat's what makes your hand cold in the glove; even Gore-Tex doesn't seem to do the trick).

my wife bought me a set of glove liners.. i think she got them from cabelas..they make it easy to pull off heavier gloves but they are a little slippery, i think they are made out of silk.
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