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Getting Ready Yet??

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Well,I've successfully managed to drain my accounts getting ready for spring snows!! Anyone else feeling like crunchtime is still too far out?? I wish it was February!!
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Well I have $50 that I don't know what to invest in. I am thinking about buy some economy snow goose windsocks.
Snows never left here. 7 degrees this morning and we tried to pass shoot about 4000. Can't wait till I can bust out the ecaller.
NR, do you have the snows all winter, or do they head farther south?It'd be nice to get the warmer weather associated with spring season!!
Had snows all winter. We shot 2 tonight. 1 snow and one blue. Shot them pass shooting. We might give them a try decoy hunting tomorrow.
Send those snows to Texas... we can hunt the returning migration if they don't make it south...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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