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Getting back at PETA!

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They have a forum at sign up if you want and tell them what you think. 8)
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I make it a habit not to lower myself to the standards of a group that I feel is not only inferior, but wrong. Harrassment is their tactic. It should not be one used by sportsmen(and women).
Didn't think I would get a response like that, but okay. Sorry if I sounded immature, but they really piss me off and it is fun.

I agree a little with ponass on this one, but not as extreme. I believe it is a good idea to join those kind of forums - but use your head a little. We as hunters need to join in their conversations, but do it in an intelligent way. If they fire at you - fire back, just make sure the point that you make is an educated one. As far as harassment goes, ponass is correct. Don't stoop to their level. If you want to learn how to converse with these people, I would suggest paying close attention to people like Ted Nugent. Here is a guy who is prepared and knows what he is talking about. Ted was on that pretentious idiot Bill Mahr show and was putting people in their place. When they fired some stupid crap at him - he fired back with a firm answer that made sense and people were starting to understand what he was talking about. PETA doesn't need any more reasons to hate hunters, and if you go onto forum with "harassment" on your mind, it will not help but hurt our stance. Go at them - but don't be immature about it.
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I say these wackos have already made up their mind so... if we can screw with 'em a little to make ourselves happy then so be it.
Mac Island makes an excellent point. Maybe if the PETA notices that us hunters are really just as good as teh next person than maybe theyll gradually over time accept us for who we are
I'm with Mac Island too. We don't need to go down to their level and harass them. That makes things worse in my opinion. When you do stuff like that, it is what makes hunters look bad.
I edited it. I guess it did look a bad. I still had fun. :roll:
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