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Geese neck bands!!

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Just returned from work yesterday and happened to see a goose with a GREEN neck band,anyone know where the green ones are from??? Thanks.
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I'll be darned, Ohio, huh? Wondering what they were doing way up there in MN!!!

Thanks for the info..
A green neck collar on a canada goose is from Michigan.White is most likely A Ohio Bird!

56 million Banded birds and we only Managed to kill 3 Million of EM!!
Wichita Kansas also did some banding with green neck bands.
If it helps it was a very dark green, almost looked blue to me until I got to see it in the sun. Too bad I couldn't get close enough to it to read the numbers, it's mate or partner it flew in with also had a legband.

Man I love just seeing bands, I think I've seen 15 or so just this year alone!!! :D Only happened to shoot 4 so far though, maybe the band gods will shine down on me this spring season!! :D :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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