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G & H Magnum Goose Shells SALE PENDING

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My dad is selling 6 dozen G&H Magnum shell goose decoys. The decoys are in good used condition. Must sell all decoys in one bunch. Asking $432.00. Might be able to arrange for pick-up or delivery inside Washington State.

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How much do you think shipping would be to the east coast and are they in really good shape (no cracks and good paint)?
He started out with 8 doz. The bad ones have been culled out leaving at least 6 doz. The remaining decoys are in good usable condition. They have not been out of the barn in two or three years so I can't recall specifics. I do know that they were never stacked more than six high so they were not stressed. My dad takes very good care of his posessions.

I imagine they could all be shipped for less than $100.00, but that is just a guess. What does Cabellas charge per dozen? They would ship from zip code 98226.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Is there any way I can get some pics? Thanks. :D
Sorry, no pictures. The decoys are 250 miles from here. I will probably visit in a few weeks. I'll try to take some pictures then.
That is fine, it would take a few weeks to get the money I need for them anyway.
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