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Future Great

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Got to be a proud dad.
Sorry its so big.

C Dubb
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C-Dubb that is an awesome pic, i bet that kid blows a better goose call than i do :D :D .
Be careful what you start. Pretty soon you'll be buying more calls, clothes, guns and decoys to fuel the little guys fire.
Its TO LATE!! Hes already wanting to go. The calls are not an issue, He already has a lot of clothes that were bought a few sizes to big so he can use them later, the guns well, I keep tryin to convince the wife that he needs one or two or even three. But she wont budge. I think she can see the truth, Dad will need to brake them in for him.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

C Dubb
That's too funny, my son Ian does the exact same thing...he has his own lanyard with a duck and goose call...he gets his little hands going to make the backpressure, it's a riot!

He does a better duck call than I do and he's only going to be four!

My dad made him a gun rack for his Cabela's/Paris rifles & shotguns, plus a place to hang his calls (like his old man)!:D
:D Sounds like a little goose hunter already. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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