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full bodys vs. silos

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I know full bodys are probably the most effective decoys but I just cant afford that many of them. So how do silos compare? Also is it a good idea to mix the two so the geese see something from directly overhead?
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youll kill more with 12 full bodies than 36 silos.

in my opinion.....been there done that
Silos are a great filler, but I would buy the fullbodies before the silos. Beware, fullbodies are a pain the the a$$ to haul around, silos are not. :D
Is a fair mix of silos, full bodys, and shells the best way to go or should I stay away from any one type of them? I apreciate the help thanks
They will all work if you are were the birds want to be. Scouting is the most thing when it comes to goose hunting. I use a mix of everything myself.
Thanks goosehunter, I have a dozen shells right now and by buddy has some silos but were going to add to our spread for next year. thanks again for the help.

One more thing, if you have silos, flock them. It really help with the shine on the real sunny days.
I also use a bit of everything. If you want a larger spread go with the silos. You can always add fullbodies later. I have killed a bunch over just silos or a silo and shell spread. Be where they want to be, be smart when you set up and you won't have any problems
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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