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Full Bodies...."The Judge"

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Has anyone used Flambeau's full body ...The Judge? There is a flambeau outlet about an hour from my house and I can get "the judge" for less than what they sell for in the magazines, plus I can save on the freight. If they hold up like their duck decoys they should be alright, but I would rather have the opinion of someone who has used them.
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We bought some at Walmart and they look okay. I would still rather have Bigfoots. Flambeau Decoys are a decoy of the past. I have had numerous problems with their paint.
I just saw this post today. I responded to another, telling the guy about the old Flambeau full bodies that I use. Got them about nine yrs ago. They're murder on geese; bring them in for me every time that I use them. I remember now seeing the Judge in Cabela's. They look good. I know that I bring my four full body Flambeaus when its late in a season & the birds seem to look for size over numbers (guess that they've seen enough big flocks). Hope that this post is not too late.
Wish that there was such an outlet up here in West Penna. There should be, since their plant is in Warren, Ohio, which is a 1/2 hour drive.
hello i am getting 12 jud decoys for free should i take them. :sniper:
free? why not. Just keep in mind this thread is 8 years old
I think...we might just have a new record Steve! :rolling:
DSM16428 said:
I think...we might just have a new record Steve! :rolling:
LOL! No kidding. I don't think I've seen another one pop up quite this old before.
funny you guys say that. I was gonna write that too. Least he used the search function. That's a plus.
I have and use the Judge full bodies!

I have flocked the heads as well as the tails on these. They are durable and I kill geese over them. I leave them out all all season long. I think I use about 18 or 24 of them..should be around for years to come!
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