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Frozen Gorund

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Any one have good recomendations for getting stakes in the ground when frozen? We tried a hammer and a piece of re-bar but that didn't work well. We could get about 4 inches and that wasn't enough. Any tips?
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How bout a cordless drill. weve used those, one guy i hunt with has a little something like a little auger bit, but i use one i think its like a 3/8 and its pretty long.
I have used a hammer and long it sucks. You could build yourself a stake punch out of metal (has footbase to push down the punch into the ground) or, my vote a cordless, I would use 5/8in bits.
Cordless is very easy to use and it takes a few seconds per stake.
Use a cordless drill with a 10" concrete bit makes the job fast and simple.

Double Clucker
Thanks for the cordless drill tip. A buddy of mine uses Silos and runs into this problem this time of the year.
I have 1/2" wooden dowel with finish nails in them for my shells to move in the wind on. I use 1/2" rebar ground to a point with a 3 pound hammer and you might have to hit it 10 times but it will go down 4" to 6" and thats enough to hold it unless your into 25 or mile an hour winds and then they look fake in the wind. If you using a 16oz. hammer, you need to upsize the force on the rebar.

Work smart, not hard. :wink:
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