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Fred Zink Paralyzer??

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I am looking to purchase a fred zink paralyzer call.I have been looking at videos and such that contain this call and I am a little confused.It sounds like when using this call and other expensive calls,that you inhale as well as exhale on the call to get sound.On cheaper short reed calls this is not possible.May sound like a dumb question but can anybody help?????? :? :?:
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I'm not too sure about the inhale/exhale part, but I've blown it a few mornings and liked it. I used the wood model and I was able to get it real deep, the way I like it for our geese.
i use the zink little man and it is a very high call but, with practice you can get to be real deep. just the way i like to sound for our local geese then when the migrators come on down my way i can lighten up and make it sound a little higher. I have also blown the paralyser and liked the way it sounded but, for some unknown reason i bought the little man and i think by next goose season i will have me a paralyzer to go with my little man. No on the paralyzer you cant make sound on the inhale only on the exhale but, the exhale is still a good deep call and good for killing geese.
Thanks for the help guys..........I`ve made my choice :lol:
I have the Maple call, best and easiest short reed I've ever blown!!
the call you need to look seriously about is the foiles migrator. i guarantee u have never brought them in the way that call does.

Good hunting

Let there toe drag, then you cut em
Rex how could you compare a call such as a foiles migrator with something like a zink, thats almost as bad as comparing it to a Tim Grounds Call, Jeff foiles owes tim grounds every thing he knows do some research
the zinks are great calls i have the sr-1 and zink is the best call around......
This post is soooo old!God I felt stupid asking that a year ago!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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