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For Trade: Herters Canada Goose Shells w/ flocked heads

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I have one dozen herter's shells for sale. They have been used for 1 year, and a couple have a minor crack or two nothing to be worried about since they aren't very visable. They have flocked heads, and we repainted the cheek patches cause the white paint on them was a little faded. We got them from a friend, and did some refurbishing. If you want to see a picture, send me your email and I will send you some pics.

I am looking for snow, speck, or 4 fullbody canada decoys. The snow and specks can be whatever. We will work out the shipping. Let me know what you guys have.
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wuts up goose slayer. I dont have anything i want to part with but am wondering if u want cash for them and if posable wut year they were purchased in. send me a pic of the ones that r cracked if posable
I will get a pic of them tom. and get some pics of the heads. I would consider taking cash for them. I'll let you look at the pics first before we work out any prices. Thanks
thanks man. Hit me up with an e mail tomorow. make shure u get pics of the cracks. Thanks.
I sent the pics to your email.
sent u a pm
Sent you a pm.
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