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Just trying to get some good opinions and advice on my decoy setup. I have 2 dozen greenhead gear fullbody feeders, 6 greenhead gear semi active and 6 greenhead gear sentry's. I also just added one dozen real geese silos. Just wondering if you guys think this would be a decent setup or if I should ad more silos or what not to the spread. geese where I am are ussually in smaller flocks so I dont want to go huge with the spread so I am just looking for some advice on smaller flock setups. Thanks mike
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The GHG shells on motion stakes are a good dek and about half the price of the full bodies and don't take up as much space if that is an issue.
The space for the decoys isnt an issue, I already have all the ones I mentioned and the only reason I went with fullbodies is because I got a killer deal on them. I am just wondering if this is sounds like a good setup to use. I used 2 dozen carrylite shells last year(1 doz supermags and 1 doz standard) But the deal I got for the other decoys could not be passed up. Been pondering the idea to start the season with shell decoys or just use the fullbodies with the silos? Thank you for the insight on it I appreciate it.
I would say get maybe a dozen shells (G&H or GHG). That is a lot bigger spread than we have, but we are really going to upgrade a lot this summer. My brother bought a 16ft. jon boat that has an Avery quickset blind on it, so I am hoping to get in some goose hunting over water out of it.
Sounds like you have a great setup. I think in the early season a dozen decoys in enough. I would use a 11 feeder fullbodies and 1 sentry fullbody. As the season goes on, use all of those decoys you have. I have about 50 decoys right now, but I am getting more because I think more decoys would have really helped us in the late season.
We Have 50 FB - 100 Shells - 100 Silos

Early season we only use 25 - 50 FB as the season picks up and preasure increases we will use all 250 decoys.

Keep the same kinds/Size together as it tends to work better.

Preasure and numbers of geese in the area determins the spread.

Movement - Flags, Flapper or Socks is realy important with larger spreads.
i do all my goose hunting in s.w saskatchewan and lots of it. and this is what works for me. I started hunting with all shells and killed some birds, then i added some fullbodies and killed even more birds, then i went to all fullbodies WITH NO SIOL'S and kill LOTS of geese. I personally would stay away from kites, but use a flag then you can controll it. we can get some strong winds up here so the kites can get out of control.
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