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I have about 1000 lab coat sleeves that make excellent snow goose decoys. They are very close to the actual size of a snow goose. They are the same material as Northwind Windsock decoys, but more realistic size and don't whip around as much in a stronger wind. If you want a picture of some ready to hunt with, send me an email.

Prices are as follows.

Base price for just the sleeves are .75 + .10 per sleeve shipping. Minimum orders are 100 since they are so cheap and sending smaller boxes wouldn't be worth it.

Plastic collars that go in the neck to hold open the decoy add.10/decoy

Totally assembled bodies with the collars already in add .25/decoy

I can paint the black tail-feathers on the body from a template I made off a mounted snow goose add .20/decoy.

3/8 wood dowel stakes. Add .20/decoy

2 white plastic caps to hold the decoy onto the stake. Add .10/decoy.

Basically, you can have them shipped to your door and ready to hunt with for $1.60/decoy. Cheapest, most durable and most realistic decoys you'll find. Or do any of the work yourself and save even more. I've been hunting snows from North Dakota to Texas for 30 years and this is the best decoy I've come up for myself to use. Email [email protected].
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