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Foiles Markethunter

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Anyone ever try out the newer market hunter from Foiles?? I just ordered the smoke acrylic today, I can't believe how "full" the sound is outta this call. It's outta this world. I am a firm believer in Zink's line of calls, having 4 of them on my lanyard right now, but damn this Foiles call is awesome.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone's got one and how they liked it.
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Man let me tell you i thought I was in heaven with Zinks calls but then I ran across a SMH at a garage sale and it is awesome. I hunt geese in Virginia and I believe this call is the best one I have owned.
Hello,I myself have the SMH,Market Hunter,SMC,and Straight Street Mallard.Was going to buy the SMM and the Meatcutter for myself for Christmas but, I got a baby boy coming on Tuesday so the funding ain't really there for me at this time.I started with the SMH and loved it from the get go.Now seem to go right to the Market Hunter.Only had it for a month.I like it alot.Trust me Bud you really can't go wrong with Foiles.
Don't get me wrong theres alot of Quality calls out there but if you want the whole package Foiles is the choice for you.Harvested 108 honkers and 2 cacklers so far this year with Foiles.Oh quite a few ducks also.

What is the difference between teh market hunter and the SMH?

I have the SMH and like it a lot. I was thinking of getting a winglock delrin or walnut Short reed after reading everybody rave about it but I may have to look at the Market hunter. Is it that much better than the SMH?
The Market Hunter is about input tube 1/4 in. longer and has a input ID. about 5/8 and exhaust id. about 5/8 but flared.SMH input ID. about 3/4 the exhaust on the SMH is not flared about 5/8 ID.the Market seems to me to be more responsive,but alittle less bass.
I have been trying to do a little research on the upper end calls and appreciate the inciteful information on these posts. "The Knuckler" really gave something quantitative along with his valued opinion. Sure helps us guys that may be able to own 1 call, and want to get it right the first time! Thanks, I'll be looking for a Foiles MH after about ten years of using the ol' Big River long honker flute call. I've got visions of wings cupped and feet down already. :)
Got a Market Hunter for my brother for helping me out with some work. I tried it at Gander and was impressed. He went to college and I used it and I think it is a good call not as good as the Zink but overall really nice call.
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