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foiles goose call?

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:x Just a quick question for some of you guys that can call geese on a short reed. I just bought my first short reed call a few months back( a foiles meatgrinder) and I have watched the video honker talk and it seems like I cannot produce the same sounds as on the tape or in some cases not even close (cluck) I was wondering if anybody has watched his video on calling and if it is worth getting it or if anybody knows a little advice on calling would you please give me a few pointers so I can prepare for next year. :cry:
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If you really want to become a good or great caller, it's gonna take a lot of time and practice.

As for videos, I would recomend Fred Zinks Ancient Art of Paralzer :lol: , shouldn't it have been paralyzation??!!! Too many letters for the cover maybe!! :D
I think the two best calling videos have already been mentioned- Honker Talk and Zink's. It seems to me that Stahl and Zink explain things very well and helped get me on the right track. But, man do I still have a long way to go to sound like them!
Thanks guys, I will have to look for the other video and keep practicing :D
Iceman, shortreeds are really hard to master. The videos will help you a little bit but the biggest factor is that you have to practice, practice, practice.
Iceman, I blow Jeffs calls and I have both Honker Talk and Jeffs instructional video and my opinion they compliment each other. Shawn tells you how to get sounds while Jeff will try to explain where the air needs to come from. Believe me after blowing a flute for years it can be the sh**s to get on the short reed but, once you get your call to produce a sound you want to hear you can just roll all with other sounds. Remember, learn to walk before you can run and listen to tapes. I know guys that would pratice for two days and think they were making progress to learn that was not the sound they were looking for and take over a week to correct their bad habbit. Just practice as much as you can once you get on to it I prommise you'll love it and so will the geese. 8) Good luck and let us know how your coming along.

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The Honker talk, Grounds Short Reed Way, and the Foiles instructional CD are all very good. I have not seen the zink video. You can watch videos all day but the most important part is practice. I have the Foiles Strait Meat which I've had for a year and am just getting over the flute habits and can feel confident hunting with it but I still need work. I also have the Winglock Delrin which I am really struggling with and am working on but I just got it in Jan.
Just Honker Talk the other day. I think its a very good video. The only other calling video I have seen is Zinks and that was good as well.
The foiles cd's are good as well especially because you can play them in the car and practice at the same time
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