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I just got some flocking for my heads today. I was wondering how many of you flock them and what do you use to attach the flocking. We bought a kit on ebay, and they said it would be cheaper to buy it at a hardware store at home, then ship it to us. Heard about using flat black rustoleum laid on real thick. Then they mist the head with a little semi gloss krylon to make it alot more durable. What do you guys use?
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Ummmmmmmm.... How about using the glue that came with it?

If you just bought the flocking only---well, good luck. And this is why. Nothing is meant to stick to polyethylene plastic, which is what most decoy heads are made out of. The best is oil based glue like Black Widow Flocking has (they are the original folks who developed it and thus know that most about it). Second is latex glue-I suspect it is not as durable as oil. And then there is oil based rustoleum black paint. Being it will be thinner--you will not get as much flocking on the heads IMO.

Regardless of which you use--buy 1 medium soft sponge sandpaper block per dz of decoys. You'll need to sand the decoys thouroughly and then wash them down and let them dry completely before you flock them.
Second pint is do you realize they have to be protected? Meaning flocking is not durable. To keep it looking good-ypou need to be very careful with the heads otherwise it'll look like crap by end of the season.
I remove the heads off of my BFs after each hunt--it is a pain-but that is the sacrifice if you want to have them look good. Some guys use nylon knee high socks to help protect the heads if they keep the heads on the bodies. But if you are a guy that just throws all the FBs in to the back of the trailer with the heads and feet on-I recomend not flocking them at all.
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I bought heads already flocked and they look like the real thing, you can't tell the difference from 10 yards away. The reason I'm posting is to give a tip on protecting your flocked heads. I took some of my old pairs of white socks and slip them over the heads and only remove them when in the field. This works well to keep them in the best shape as possible. Well good luck with the process of flocking.
Didn't you have any white lint stick to the heads? I've heard a lot of people using them say experience myself. So far just used black socks.
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