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Flocking Silos

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I picked up 7 doz Big Flock silos last year after season and was thinking about flocking the heads on them. I got a great deal on them and figured I could affort to flock them if it's worth it.

Has anyone had any luck with flocking silos? Does the flocking hold up fairly well? Any tips on how to go about it aside from provided instructions with flocking kits? I figured it may be easier to keep flocked silos from getting damaged over my shell heads.

I currently don't have any of my shells flocked but I figured if I could do some maybe the silos would be the way to go. What does everyone think? I've got a few days to make up my mind but then again it'll be here before we know it!

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I flocked my real-geese silos with a kit from ebay. I dragged them in the mud one time and they held up great. I just was washed them when I got back and let them dry in the sun and they looked as if they had just been flocked. I thought I was going to have to flock them each year, but after one year, they are still in good condition.
I am flocking my fullbody heads right now.
No problem they are fast and easy to flock. They hold up very good as the flat profile and do not bang around with each other. If you need some info PM me.

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