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Flameua Floating Goose Shells!!!! $100 shipped to your door.

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I have half a dozen of the Floating Goose Shells by Flambeau, these work good as either water or field dekes. They are the pontton style perimiter. I have 6 of them brand new in the box. They Stack Really well so they dont take up much room. They are also the Magnum size 33" long and have the convert-a-head, switch from sentry to feeder. Brand new never used $100 shipped to your door in the lower 48 states.
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I am very interested in your Flambeau Floating Goose shells with convert-a-head Pontoons. I live in Illinois. If they $100.00 delivered I want them. I sent an e-mail earlier today, but I didn't realize I had to be logged in. So if you still have them please advise as to payment and such.
Thanks, James A. Curda
[email protected]
Mr. sorry to burst your bubble but there is a 7 year diference between your post and the guy selling those deeks..highly doubtfull there still arround. but good luck!

damn.... it almost got me too! well, they ought to be real cheap by now, huh? :p
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