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Flambeau shells or G&H shells

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Flambeau shells or G&H shells
G&H shells1473.68%
Flambeau shells526.32%
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What one do you like better and why?
I have nothing against the flambeaus but I use G&H so thats what i went for.
Herter's in my opinion...especially the newer 3-D photo shells.
flambeau is the only shell that I hunt over I did some custom painting on them and they look great i use the grand mags about $150 a dozen on sale
I've been using G&H and am totally impressed, very sturdy and look good
If you are going to buy magnums the best choice is the flambeau because they are slightly bigger. If you are going for number and it really doesn't matter. I hunt over Magnum G&H but wish I would have bought the flambeau, I just like the looks of them better.
both good shells, G&H's look better. I don't like the Flambeaus since they came out with the convert a goose head. The old heads looked better.
G&H all the way. We flocked the heads and they look pretty sweet.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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