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Flambeau Full Bodys/Henrietta Shells

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What is the best all arround full body decoy?
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Has anyone been using the Flambeau full bodys. I have had 8 for like a month and the paint is chipping like crazy. How about Henriettas? I have some shells that the paints coming off to. The only thing that has been good 4 me is the bigfoots.

What deeks do you guys prefer, shells and full bodys?
We got them cheap flambeau fullbodies on sale at walmart. They are better than nothing but not by much. We have some bigfoots and we flocked their heads our selves. They look damn good. They are the most durable too.

My little brother found one bigfoot two weeks ago laying in a road ditch along our highway with no feet. you could barely see where it slid on the highway into the ditch.
If I could pick my decoys over again, I would have bought almost all GHG over-sized shell decoys and then bought motion stakes for them. They look like a fullbody from above and they don't take up as nearly as much room as the fullbodies. They are also cheaper. :wink: If I had to pick a fullbody decoy, I would pick GHG, but I never have had bigfoots so I can't tell you how good they are.
Has anyone in here used the G&H Henrietta shells?
All our goose shells are G&H. Best dang shell decoy out there. We flocked the heads on our G&H shells and they are damn realistic. Before we had flocked heads I had to leave in the middle of a hunt and a goose landed before I got back. Son of a buck wouldn't leave them shells. With those stakes that they come with a slight breeze gives them some motion. We will be buying more G&H shells. G&H are the only shell decoys and duck decoys are all we buy. Bigfoots for fullbodies.
bigfoot all the way, Had 2 doz ghg fullbodies to start the season, was gonna switch over entire spread, The paint chipped off, feet broke and heads were Junk, Sold them off and bought more bigfoots. However we ahve a few dozen ghg shells and they seem to be doing fine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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