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Flagging Question

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I just went on a guided goose/crane hunt in Oklahoma. I was suprised that he didn't use flags. He claims that by the time the geese make it down this far it doesn't work. Any comments on that? I have been hunting them in NY along the St. Lawrence for the last 6 years and it works great there. I just found it kind of hard to believe it wouldn't work.
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Some people are weird like that, i dont know if its true or not, but ive also hunted with people that claim they dont work. and ive killed them using a flag more than a call, so i think it is mainly preference
I guess my question would be: You use decoys right? How many thousands of decoys have they seen, and you know they have had every call on the market blown at the 50 different ways. I can't believe that they wouldn't respond to a flag. Given the choice between my lanyard and my flag tube I would take the tube every time. In the area I hunt flagging is just as important as good calling. Yes I do beleive there is a right way to flag and a wrong way to flag. I don't just let anyone flag without some instruction. Flag em on the sides and corners. :lol: Just my 2 cents. Good Luck

Double Clucker
I was suprised he didn't use them and his reason didn't make sense to me but I thought I'd ask here. Thanks for the input.
I would use them, if the geese don't like it you can just put it away.
I have had great succes while using a flag. Although a googd sized spread doesn't hurt. Try flagging on the sides as they fly by.

Good luck
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I am a HUGE believer in Flagging. As I stated in my original post I hunted with a guide in Oklahoma this year and he said he didn't use them because the birds are used to it by the time they are that far south. It sounded like BS to me so I thought I'd throw it out there for any of you to comment on. We hunt with flags in northern NY and it is awesome. I wouldn't go without them.
Well the way I look at flagging where I hunt(northern California) its good to flag enough to keep the geese's attention. I've noticed guy's that hunt with me like to flag constantly until the geese are touching the ground. This does not work at all during times. Geese don't like the constant movement in the field it does not look very natural to them thats why geese don't really like the spinning wing decoys. thats the only probelm that I have seen in flagging for geese. I know that I would never leave home without my flag with me!
That's bull I live in southern illinois and the geese we get here have travelled almost the same distance and i've turned huge flocks with just a flag. he just don't know how to do it.
i've yet to see geese that don't like the flags, but sometimes flagging too much can hurt i think...
I run a bird hunting camp up here in Alberta Canada and we use them and notice a big difference. I would have to say the guide forgot the flag that morning at camp or didn't have one and made up an excuse.
Flagging is like a call, "you have to know when to hold'em, and know when to fold'em"

Just pay attention to the distance the birds are when you use the flag. I've found that the further away they are-the flag has a greater effect of attracting the geese to come your way. As soon as they are close enough to make out what the flag is-that's when you stop flagg'n. Experience will tell you when to stop. I mainly use the flag when I feel the geese are out of range of hearing my call..

I also believe that movement in the decoys is sometimes better than calling on given days. Calling at the wrong time will spook more geese than not blowing a call at all....just a slight movement is all it takes.

good shoot'n,

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