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First leg band and neck collared goose!

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Well my little hunting group finally got a leg banded and neck collar goose. It was taken by my girlfriends dad, but it's kind of a win for all three of us considering it's our group. I wasn't there to see it happen cause i'm 60 miles away at school, but he shot the goose off a farm pond at his moms house down here in southern illinois. It was a orange neck collar and a leg band. When he gets the info back i'll let ya'll know.
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Well for anybody that cares it was banded in Ontario sept. 2001, killed jan.26th Mt.Vernon Illinois
Never saw a neckband or shot one....could he see the band when he shot it?
oh yeah he saw it, it's hard to miss that bright orange.
nice one. I have not seen a band around here of anykind for about ten years or more.
I use a Mossberg 935 ...used it all season untill the last week .....when I got it stolen from my car in WV.Buying a brand new gun and falling in love with it sucks when you get it was my baby :(
sorry wrong post lol group got a few leg bands this year ...........we hunt in WV but we have NEVER seen a neck band
this last weekend we went out on sat and shot one neck collered one and another leg banded one then we went back out sun and we landed a group of 30 plus with 4 that were about 30 yards out. so we decided to jump out of the blinds and then shot the 4, well we did and dropped all 4 of them........... 3 leg bands out of that group. then about 20 minutes later a suicide solo drops in on us and we jump up and shoot that one....... another leg band. we shot a few more birds and then packed up. then on wednesdayi wasnt able to go with them but they went and shot another neck collered one!!!!!!! but there is a good story to the neck collered one that we shot on saturday...... we went hunting on dec 31st and the guy that takes me hunting had a flock come over him so he shot a bird out of it........ the bird fell at his feet pretty much and...... it was a band. so all of a sudden a goose in the flock peels back and comes straight for my buddy, he shoots and misses and his gun jammed on him...... it was a neck collered one.... prolly the one he shots mate....... the band number on that leg band ended with a 44 and then this neck colered one he shot ended with a 46 with all the other numbers in the same sequence..... so it was like almost a month but he got a second chance on that bird and he got it!!!! pretty cool story i thought i would share it with you.
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