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Finisher Blinds.......

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Who in here has a finisher blind?I think I have made my choice,but i was wanting to know any pro`s and con`s you guys might be able to help me for those of you who have one. :?:
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I am also trying to decide on the best blind to purchase before next season. I am looking at both Finisher and Final Approach. It would be nice to hear pros and cons from guys who have put these blinds to the test.

Nobody has a finisher blind in here???????????????
Hey guys two of our gang got Kelly Powers "power hunter" blinds last season for $149- They're extremely portable, light, and most important, low to the ground and comfortable. We've also got two chairs, and two G&H 6' decoys, one of which we made a chair for. If anything I think the guys with the power hunters got the best shots simply because they could see better out of them.
i have a finisher and killed scores of geese this season in or/ca. low profile,good visibility,and plenty of room.
I have a FA Pro-Guide and love it. I have beat the hell out of it and it holds up you cant beat the room it has.
How comfortable is your finisher goosemister?Does it protect you from wind ...etc?
I've hunted out of a finisher and they're a pretty good blind. I personally prefer the Xlander. It's pretty much the same as a finisher but lower profile.
yah the finisher protects from the wind pretty well. it's made out of a cordura type material. keeps you pretty dry in wet weather as well.
i hunt out of the kelly powers power hunter i think its more comfortable and lays lower to the ground keeps you hid better with the lift able lid and it dosnt slow you down any coming up. visibility is great. very light throw your gun in between the middle when folding and its and easy way to carry more decoys.
we really enjoy them they are cheap light weight and brake down easy to haul to the field. :lol:
Hey guys,I got my finisher last week!I decided to go ahead and get it as my birthday present,and i gotta say that I love it !I have already had it out in the field and it has exceeded my expectations.It is comfortable,Blends in VERY well and keeps the wind off of me.Doesnt take too much time to set up once you get the hang of it. :D
I shot probably 20 geese out of my finisher this spring in the four days I was out there. I'd have to say I am glad I bought the Max 4 camo for spring hunting, but I also bought the shadow grass for my g/f/mother of my kid! She loves her's, and I love mine. 50 mph gusts may have taken out half my decoys, but at least thewind didn't take me out!!! :lol:
goosemiser said:
i have a finisher and killed scores of geese this season in or/ca. low profile,good visibility,and plenty of room.
I disagree on the roominess. If you are over 5'-11 and a big guy it is NOT roomy enough at all. get the Migrator instead. ANd my dog can go under the back rest with a Migrator-unlike the finisher.
I disagree with you,The finisher has More than enough room .I am 6'3" and have extra room inside of mine.In fact I would say I have too much room inside of mine and thats no exageration.
I like the finisher a lot. It has plenty of room once you get inside but I have a hard time getting in and out because the opening could be a little bigger. I am 6'1" and 270 lbs. They make one with a little bigger opening that i think would be perfect.
I just bought a finisher and i love it. There is lots of room and it is very comfortable. I still need to get in the fields with it so I will tell you if it works for me this fall.
bought one last year and no complaints ...except from the geese maybe :wink:
I also disagree with you on that one, im 6'1" and 210 lbs, built. and i have no problems with it. i have so much room in mine that i can get my drinks, food, 10 ga. shells, calls, myself, BIG huge field boots in, decoy bags etc etc

-- Pros --
-Has a 'flagden' to keep ur flag
-Flagging holes
-Wind protection
(im from MN and its not uncommon to get snow during goose season, works GREAT for that *plus i have the snow cover too)
-Zipper @ bottom to remove dirt
-Low Profile
(snow, rain, sleet and still sitting pretty)
-Set up
(got it down to less then a min, stupid seat taking the longest to put in)
-Very adjustable
-18 lbs

-- Nuetral --
-Price $250 ( not bad but not the best)

-- Cons --
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Outta my 3 finishers, one has had a plastic bracket break on the floor section.

Oh yeah, 2d, only the brand new finisher's have the flag den in the door...
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