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Final Approach Decoys

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Just saw the FA decoy line to come out in 2005, they look really nice, all I've seen were Canadas and mallards. I don't know anything about pricing yet.

I'll try to see if I could get to post some pics
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Can you post up the link possibly?
Keep us posted on what you find out for info :)
I'm with gooseslayer, can you post a link?

Don't have any links, you won't be able to see that on the Internet yet.

I am unable to post any pics in this forum. But I managed to post a pic on the following link ... eadid=2373
How much will it cost for a 4 pack. Around $100?
Look a lot like the GHG's.
#1Waterfowler said:
Look a lot like the GHG's.
That's what I was thinking. :lol: Still, they look good.
Even have weighted bases, huh? That'd be nice for the really windy days. Yeah 2118, they sure do look good. Anyone have any idea as to the rough dimensions of the bodies on em'? Flocked heads too!! Very appealing! :wink: Wonder exactly how the foot bases attach. Have to keep them in mind for the next big decoy run later this spring.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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