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Final Approach Decoy Pics

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Here are some better pics that I got off of another website. ... =1#pid8689
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They look good, but they look just like GHG decoys :? I think I will stick to bigfeet.
I think they are the same as the GHG. :lol: Let's see what the price is on them.
:lol: I am guessing that it is going to be about $149.99 per 6
They look good, Do you have the price on them. Do they make a fully flocked model? I am waiting to see what Greenhead gear comes out with for 05' and then i will make my descion on the decoys i will buy.
Look similar to the GHG decoys, they do have different heads. Since I have never had a problem with my Flambeaus, GHG fullbodies and Bigfoots, I wouldn't mind having a dozen or two of the Final Approach.
Ehhh! Don't look to rugged and the bases are shiny!! Go back to the drawing board Latchaw!! :roll:
Another guy off Flocknockers said that when he did a fingernail test on them he broke off his nail trying it. He couldn't get any paint off but of course they were prototypes and they make you think they are good in the beginning. Then you will buy them and the ones in production actually have problems. I will probably give some a try.
How they even have flocked heads, I like some of the head poses, but I think GHG will have the same ones :roll:
I'll probably let a dozen bounce around in my trailer this year. Just another different look to throw at the geese, can't imagine it'd make things worse in a spread!! 8)
Look like junk!! And for what I heard what they want for them noway!! They can get thrown out like the GHG's!!
The GHG site doesn't show the Finishers yet, but your pics do look just like the 2004 GHG full bodys as someone else already mentioned.

I was hoping that this thread would be constructive and discuss 2005 models of dekes and what new tricks we could add to our spreads. Looks like it may turn into yet another BF/GHG p_ssing contest.

I've got a great idea for the bashers of any of the deke manufacturers. If you want to throw out any of the ones you've got, throw em my way. :lol:
Yea, I'll pay the shipping if you want to send them my way!!! LOL..
I'm with you guys!!! :lol: 8) Why not get rid of the decoys you don't want??!!! :lol: I'm sure they'd look good painted as snows!!! :D :wink:
I have been looking for a feeding Big Foot to mold.. Like I said, I'll pay the shipping.. LOL.. Snow paint job is optional.. LOL.. :p
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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