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I have a blind between a corn and a hay field which field should i put the decoys in?
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It depends on where they have been. Are they landing in the corn? If so what time of day are they there? You really need to concentrate on setting up where they want to be. Scout it out. Also what kind of blind do you have? If it's portable set up right where they want to be so you can call them in close. Good Luck!
I've got one of my setups in the same scenario as you do. When the corn is still up, I set up in the hay field. If the farmer has chopped the corn (stocks cut low) I usually setup in the corn. If the corn was picked and the stocks are long I setup in the hay field with some of the dekes in the corn. I normally don't see geese landing in the taller stocks. Usually they will land short and walk in. You can also try driving or stomping down an area in the corn and spread the dekes there, giving them a place to land.
my pit is on the edge of a cornfeild and hay feild. we decoy it so the geese land on the hay feild in front of the pit. I've watched the geese in my area and they prefer to land on the hay and walk into the corn.

Double Clucker
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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