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Federal Ultra Shock

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It's true, Federal has come out with it's equivalent to hevi shot. Any one use it? If so how does it perform?
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Federal has it's heavyweight stuff out that is 35% denser then lead. They also have some other stuff that is lighter then hevi-shot that is for waterfowling because heavyweight might not be non-toxic.
I'm pretty sure that the heavy weight turkey is not a non toxic. I guess if you even look at their shotshell ballistics they have a game useage chart that goes by numbers. It doesn not include any type of waterfowl hunting for the mag shok heavyweight turkey. The other load(high density waterfowl), I think is meant to compete with Hevi-Shots Hevi-Steel load. They are around the same percent more dense than steel.The Federal load is softer than steel and 25% heavier in two loads. One 3.5" 1.6Oz load @1450FPS and a 3" 1.4Oz load @ 1450. The Hevi is 15% heavier than steel in a 3" 1 1/8Oz load @1500FPS. You can buy it at Macks Prairie Wings now for $189 some-aught bucks in a 250 round case. The thing I don't like about these new loads is that they're only in the a couple shot sizes that the companies sell the most of. Kinda wonder what the price the Federal loads will be, and the amount per case. Hope for the same or close, then I'd maybe try em
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I'm definately gonna have to give it a go next season....looks like real good stuff
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