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For sale is Federal Heavyweight goose ammunition in 3-1/2", #2 shot size, for $38 per box,
shipping included. 1450 muzzle velocity, 1-3/8 ounce shot charge, 15 gram/cc Heavyweight
tungsten alloy shot.

These are 10 rounds per box and 10 boxes to the case. I can ship a few boxes per sale or
sell by the case. I can take a credit card! Shipping fee is included in price, credit
card fee included in price. Exact final details, total price, shipping info, etc., to be
agreed upon by email and/or preferably a phone call to me at cell phone 330-554-7082.
I can't look at my email every single day, so please call me. I'll be happy to respond
by email too, "PM" me, or directly at [email protected].

single box, 2191 wide, IMG_1606  cropped.JPG

case of 3.5'' at 2000 wide, IMG_1640 cropped.JPG

new charts for 3.5'' 2650 wide, from IMG_1593 -3.jpg

This is the very dense 15 gram/cc premium ammo that has been discontinued for several
years, more dense than lead or Hevishot. This ammo holds very tight patterns and is great
for long range/pass shooting. Tight patterns, the density, the number 2 shot size, and
1450 muzzle velocity all make this a heavy hitting load at 45-75 yards. And good loads
at long ranges will kill at shorter ranges. This is ideal for pass-shooting geese, coyote
blasting, and probably large ducks at 30-50 yards. The #2 pellets have a very high
retained down range energy, similar to a 1300-speed BB Wingmaster HD load, and are superior
to any steel or half-steel load at long range. Downrange ballistics is an area where
facts are hard to come by, but I expect Heavyweight will hold a tighter pattern and
greater pellet energy at longer ranges compared to any other product, especially steel.

These loads are comparable to the Hevishot Goose loads (blue box) in 3-1/2", 1300 speed,
1-3/4 ounce, B shot size, very good high density ammo sold currently. Muzzle energy is
comparable, lighter by 2%, but Heavyweight shot is very much more dense. The 3-1/2" Federal
shot charge is lighter but faster. Heavyweight is significantly more dense than even
Hevishot and will probably hold a tighter pattern with better retained energy at long ranges.
The Hevishot B load would have more pellets (around 96) and less energy per pellet.

The Federal muzzle energy and pellet energy is very similar to old Remington Wingmaster HD
loads in 3.5" / 1300 speed / 1.75 ounce / BB shot size = 80 pellets. The Federal muzzle
energy is 2.3% less. The faster #2 Heavyweight pellet energy is most comparable to these
1300 speed BB's.

You're getting something extra for your money with the very high density load. You're getting
a little more effective range, near the maximum for any goose load. These should not be
considered as identical to the Hevishot B. A tighter pattern and higher pellet energy make
for a longer range load. These work great in my SBE2 with a factory full choke; the pattern
seems tight enough. They will probably work great for you.

I've shot a lot of Heavyweight in 3 and 3.5" at paper with a Browning Gold and a SBE2 with
different chokes and at different ranges. I've shot a lot of #2, #4 and the #6 turkey
loads and recorded the patterns. My personal opinion based on all of this is is that the
Heavyweight does pattern tighter than Hevishot or lead BECAUSE it is more dense, and that
this is generally true. This is some of the best and most expensive factory ammo ever made
to kill large ducks out to 50 yards and geese out to 75 yards. In spring '15 I shot a 3-year
old gobbler from about 68 yards away, both of us standing out in the open, in a field with no
cover. The shot put it down and I had plenty of time to get up to it and finish it off
with a 2nd shot. And this was the #6 1300 speed Heavyweight turkey load, with SBE2, factory
full choke.

HD ammo is now $4 to $5 per shell plus shipping from the larger online retailers. The only
HD ammo widely available is Hevishot Goose in the blue box, at around $45-50 per box of 10.
The older HD waterfowl loads are long discontinued, and only HeviMetal is available at a
nice price, but these are 1/2 steel. Heavyweight is nice! And it's still available!

I wanted the buyer to be able to use a credit card so I arranged for credit card processing.
With the credit card info over the phone we can skip mailing a check, skip Paypal (which
disallows ammo purchases like this), and the buyer is protected in the normal way from fraud
by Visa/Mastercard. I believe I can take a debit card. Shipping will be UPS Ground.


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