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Favorite Goose Flag

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What is your favorite goose flag for canada geese and why also what was the cost
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I just bought three of them for $10 new. All they have is the white and black, but it is dirt cheap. Here is the link. :D
I bought one at Cabelas and it was free (was $9.99 on sale). The lady at the register forgot to do it and I didn't notice until we were unloading all our stuff into the truck. My buddy's wasn't ringed up either so we got 2 for free. Its my only one so of course its my favorite.
Foiles signature series. Around 40 bucks. It is my favorite because it dosen't break the dowl like those less expensive flags. It uses a golf club handle with a aluninum tip on the end that holds the flag. Also the flag is heavy enogh that you can fly it two ways. The traditional way with the tail hooked on the stick or unhook the tail and it flies like a kite..

Double Clucker
I too use the Foiles Signature Series Flag, one of my personal favorites, the golf club shaft and handle is great
go tey have aflag looks like a goose on a stick also doubles as kite
this topic should not even be an debate the foiles flag is the best.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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