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F/s:10 super mag goose decoys

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I have 10 Flambeau super mag shells (42 inches) for sale. I have pics. I repainted some of them this season, so they are in good shape. Nothing wrong with them except one decoy has a 4 inch crack on its back (the geese couldn't tell 8) ). It hasn't gotten any bigger since I have had them. There is 5 feeders and 5 uprights. I want around $200 for them plus shipping. I will likely take the highest offer. Thanks :D
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I would also be willing to trade. Things I would want are some shells or silos (real-geese) in good shape and a honker talk dvd. Thanks :D
I know someone wants them. Make me an offer. I would still want to trade. Thanks :D
They will soon be an Ebay item. Thanks
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