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EZ-Tipperz Mallard decoy ??????

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I just found a used mallard motion decoy at a local discount shop.

On the side of the keel it says ez-tipperz, and the other side says its from www.daysafield .com

An internet search turned up no results.

It has a wieght in front of the keel and an internal mechanism to make it bob up and down in a feeding motion.

Has anyone ever heard of this Company or this decoy.

I cant use the motions ones since they are illegal in Pa. but just had to buy it anyay out of curiousity.

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I've seen them in Cabela's. I've read that they are effective. I did not know PA could not use motion decoy's. If nobody can use them thats alright. I have alot of motion decoys both battery and manual operated. can you use manual operated motion decoys?
any electronic decoy is illegal. you may use jerk cords or wind activated decoys tho
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