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Extra Decoys?/ What's Your Favorite Call?

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Hey guys I had 2 quick questions. First, Does anyone have some extra decoys sitting in there garage that they might be interested in selling. I'd like to buy a few more decoys and was thinking that I could get a good deal on some used yet in good condition shells or floaters. Thanks.
And second, What call do you guys use most often I use the primos shaved reed canada pak. I think it's a good call but I wated to see what other good calls are out there. Thanks and god Bless.

Shoot em in the eye they'll definately die.

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Zinc sr1 is probably the best calll but pricey. I also like the scobey calls, cheap and work very well. JIm
I have a sean mann eastern shoreman. I am new to goose hunting and the shoreman was recommended to me after trying a short reed call. it doesn't take much air to get sound and reproducing many are the honkers notes are simple. I had to buy 2 because my 18 month old wouldn't give my first one back ...

I love my Heartland X-out. Can't go wrong for 60 bucks!
my suggestion is try tru-tone or ganser freestyle
fred zink little man or paralzer they are excelent calls and make very good goossy sounds. but they are a little expensive but well worth the price. once you find a good call stay with it as long as you can blow is all that matters. but if you dont want to pay much go with a big river longhonker.
Zink Paralyzer SR-1 is my first choice. Backing up that is Zink's power Clucker PC1!! I can't get enough of these Zink calls!.
Winglock Delrin, price about $60, can't go wrong.
I have the saunders origional guide series acrylic(this call is awesome!),heartland flatliner,and the zinks SR-1 acrylic.
i bought a winglock derlin for $60 at gander and love it. one of the easiest short reeds that i have blown. also received the foiles strait meat honker for my bday. have been blowing that too but feel more comfortable on the winglock. will keep practicing on the foiles because i know that is a great call and want to master that in the future.

hope this helps,
ps there are a lot of good calls on the market and like others have said a good call is one that you feel comfortable with and makes you sound like a goose.
I'm using a Winglock's a great call,very versitile. Planning on adding a Heartland pipsqueak soon. there are so many really good calls out there that it's getting very hard to decide on the "next" call :?
X-Out by Heartland. I have some Canada shells if interested pm or e-mail me.

[email protected]
If you all are lookin for a good priced goose call, that gives AWESOME sound and reliability go to Those guys will fix you up. Best soundin goose and duck calls I've heard!
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