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:D :lol: :cry: Well the time has come when my son and I will be retiring the guns for the year. One thing for sure this has been an excellent fall. We had some great shoots.

We will spend the next few months working the dogs. We have a black and a yellow pointing lab both pups. The yellow is only 15 months and retrieves geese like an old pro. Next year both dogs will be ready for the hunts and it will be a great. I have bought a Sony Camera to video the hunts next year so I am desinging a camera blind.

We live in Alberta Canada

Any ideas.

Take care all.
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Don't skimp on the video camera. If you're going to do it right, might as well do it the first time but it'll cost you a couple thousand. You also have to keep the microphone in mind, hard to hear unless you have a couple of them outside the blinds.

Not as easy as you'd think, takes a lot of practice to do it right (and even then you'll spend another $500 on oversights). Just prepping ya for it!

Good luck.
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