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Easy Dispatch method???

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Has this ever happend to you? I'm not proud of this but last thursday, I went out for a Quickie at the neighbors farm. I had about 50 geese come over and God was gracious enough to let one fall from the sky. I went out and picked it up and it was dead as a door nail. I had a good head shot (appearently by the blood on my hand from it's neck and nose). I went back to the blind to wait for the last 15 minutes of light. Nothing came so I packed it in. As soon as I went to reach for that damn goose, it ducked behind me and it was gone!!!!! I was shocked and more than a little mad. Other than blasting it again, does any one have an effective way of dispatching? I appreciate any suggestions that you could offer.
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heres a great way that works well and quickly, hold the goose by its head with his wings facing you and your thumb under his chin, pick him up and drop the weight of the bird on himself, with your firm grip, his own weight will cleanly break his neck and dispatch him quickly. works well for us
Thanks for the info. I learned a good lesson with that goose. Never assume that they are dead!!!
we always just ring there necks but i usually have my friends do it because i like to laugh with the geese that are still pretty mad and beat the crap out of them
The Windmill works for me. Hold it's head by the neck and spin the goose. It will break it's neck. Harder with the giants, and you can take the head off of small ducks but it works!
or shoot hevi shot :lol:
Sounds like a good deal with the spin. I like the atomic drop method too. Can't wait to try em both.. As for the heavy shot, Well some of us can't reach that high right now. I've used it and I'm going to stick with my steel.
Take one of your heavier stakes, and a good sharp pop to the head is the method I prefer now, although I'm going to give that body drop a try.
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