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Early Season Geese

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I am from northern Illinois and am having a difficult time locating local geese. In the past, I have seen numerous bands of local geese. This year, the numbers seem way down. I am wondering if I'm just looking in the wrong places or if other folks in IL and WI are experiencing the same.

Also, with respect to decoy spreads for the early season, I am wondering how big a spread other guys are going with--other guys who are killing geese, that is!!! Also, what kind of shape or pattern are you going with (horseshoe patter, "O" design, or just randomly amassed).

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I hunt early geese and I usually set up about 2 dz deeks in the shape of a J but I have a few small groups setting a little ways away from the main group. I limit out every time I go but Im in kansas, on private land.
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