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This isn't mine guys, but it is awsome I am thinking about trying to make it.

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OK, I'll bite. Where did the one you posted come from?
yeah, I've got almost the exact same set-up goin on for mine, only I'm gonna convert over to using 2 CD players now instead of tapes, tapes just keep getting eaten up.

Face did do an awesome job on that!!
mallard, I'll have to send you the design on mine. Me and gandergrinder made the exact same setup last spring, only difference is I went with the 30W speakers for volume, he went with 125 speakers for quality/bass (bass makes for killer murmers that can't be duplicated with most ecallers). We have the same decks with built in amps with 4 channels.

Basically, we took a standard black toolbox. Built a "lift" on one side where the CD player goes. The lift keeps the CD player off the bottom in case somehow moisture gets in. We then cut out the front, in front of the CD player and put plexiglass and sealed it up. This allowed us to use remote controls.

We then built a slot to fit a small deep cycle battery. The battery works all day. Finally we drilled small holes, just big enough for the wires to come through and keep the elements out. I used velcro strips to make the connections tight.

And lastly, stapled stubble straps all over the toolbox to conceal.

When the 2 of us have our systems going the volume and quality is unbelievable. I had pics but didn't turn out but I'll try again.
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Holy Hefferdust Mr. North Dakota! Where in the hell do you work!?! Sounds like you're just as upset as I am about the Snow goose situation; you just have the money and knowledge to do it! Deep cycle battery, bass. I went on one Snow hunt with an E-caller. The key word is "an", meaning only one, not multiple 30W's and bass! I don't even have A snow goose decoy to my name. I usually just pass shoot or jump em. I love both but it turns out South Dakota is due to lose road hunting next year by the looks of it. Tell ya what; let me know if you have room up there. If ya do, how much is an out of state
Hustad, How many watts are your built in amps pushing? I'm debaiting on throwing in a 200 watt amp into my e-caller setup to help increase lower sounds into my 4 50 watt speakers, but I'm concerned about my small lawn tractor battery not being able to handle it. I was just wondering how much more drain it may cause. Thanks. :wink:
We use 200 watt amps for our e-callers and I personally would not go out there with out a deep cycle marine battery. Those amps can suck down a lot of juice. They are a major pain to get out in the fields, but a little work never killed any of us... yet. The last thing you want is a dead battery on a migration day.
I have been custom mixing cd's and using them on my custom e-callers for a couple of years. You can find them at the following website.

Good Hunting

PS wire your walmart $11.00 cd only player into the 12 volt battery that and the seperate car amp will last a couple of days
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