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Has anyone had any experiance with browning shotguns with this dura touch. It looks and feels great I was thinking of a new purchase but, I saw one at Scheels that was used and the coating was peeliong off. Is this common or just a fluke? Just doing a little reserch before I jumped into anything. Thanks for any info you can give me.

Double Clucker
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I have a buddy that had a Dura Touch and he ended up trading it on a RealTree NWTF Gold 3 1/2. I was in the blind quite a few times when my NWTF Gold was steel shooting and his was jamed up! So if i was going to get one that would be the brand, but watch out because alot of people have traded for other brands. But i have yet not had a problem with mine and i love it....
I've seen a few that have the dura touch coming off, pretty sad when you think about how much money they're getting for the guns. :(
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