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DU Banquets

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How many of you out there go to your local DU Banquets?

I've been going to our local for 18 years and have a good time seeing old friends while helping out the Ducks.

Our Banquet was last week and I was lucky enough to walk away with a brand new Avery Finisher.

Go Ducks!
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I go to our Ducks Unlimited banquets and I have been since I was ten. I also go to Delta Waterfowl banquets but just started that a few years ago. These are a fun time, and a great environment.
Not too often for myself. I used to be a comm member. I have been helping the Minnesota Waterfowl Assn where I live and have been on the DW MN Comm the last few years. Frankly there is only so much time and $ to go around, and for me DW and Minnesota Waterfowl Assn gets the bulk of it as they need it more than DU does as they are smaller. I still am a member of DU though and am a member of DU CA too.

There is a joke here in MN about DU. What 2 things does every town in MN have? a treatment counselor and a DU banquet Bwaaahahahhaa Yup land of 10,000 lakes and alc/drug treatment centers There are about 45,000 DU members in MN alone out of 115,00 waterfowl hunters. MWA has about 7-8,000 and I'm not sure what DW has. Kind of pitiful--there should be at least 60K DU members and 25,K MWA members IMHO
Just attended Hermiston Oregon's last night. Good time had by all. I donated 4 of my calls. 1 duck, 1 rabbit sqealer, 1 goose and 1 duck box set. I was sorry to see that they only went for $75.00. Oh well, still had fun and raised some bucks for ducks.

C Dubb
i have been going to DU baquets for 11 years now and enjoy going to them it is a great org. in the past 11 years my father and i have won 10guns can you belive the luck? I am 17 now and never missed a one.

1 beneli S.B.E. 12g
5 Rem. 8704-12g &1-20g
1 Rug. .22
1 Rug .270
1 H.K 12g
1 Moss. 12g

Winners or not it is still a great org to support here in co.
How do you know if theres DU banquets in your area. I've been a member for a couple years in PA and have never heard of one in my area. Any help would be nice

Here's the link where you can check out chapter information in any US area:
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