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I Know there expensive but im in the market for a hi quallity decoy. was just wondering about there durrability. also wondering bout the dave smith fullbodies. If anyone has any info it will be greatlly appreceated.

ps. please dont reccomend GHG i dont want them. Thanks
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EXPENSIVE, And I don't know why you would think the GHG's this year are any worse than the Zones, Hardcores or Dave smith's!! ONlymy opinion remember, don't take it to heart!!! :wink:
no problem, I havent had the chance to hunt over this years modal but i had some of the preveous and didnt like them. How does the flocking hold up on the fully flocked model?
Have only had 2 of the decoys in my hands so far, not going to buy any unless I decide to become a guide. Anyways, according to a lot of guys on the avery website they love them, I'd like to let them ride in my trailer and truck for a season!!! :lol:
I can tell you from experiecne, they are not Durable at all, Awesome looking but as far as being durale, NOT!!! Im sticking with old reliable, Big Foot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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