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Draining water out of floaters ?

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I've got about 2 doz. floaters ,some of which are beginning to have water collect in 'em. Don't know why, I haven't shot 'em. :lol: Anyway, I can't find any holes anywhere . Anybody know a way to get the water out ?
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Best thing I can say to do is hold it under water in a bathtub, and find where the air bubbles are coming from. That is where your leak is. Drill a small hole where the leak is to get out the water and fill hole with clear silicone.
THANK YOU !!!! My floaters were getting almost to heavy for me to carry !!
I had to learn that the hard way when a buddy put a few pellets into some decoys of mine. At least they were my cheap ones.
:D Heres a neat little trick,I learned this by having to fix my own diver dekes.Take a small drill and drill two holes on the underside of the offending decoy. One in the tail and one under the bill-upper throat area.Next get some expanding foam I.E. great stuff and inject em with foam on one end until it EXPANDS out the other. You may have to drill more than two holes on a larger decoy,but you hav just made them shot proof and leak proof.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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