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My buddy and I hunt fields mostly. Are dogs seem to be getting picked off by the birds. Without spending $80 or more on a small dog blind any thoughts? There both still under a year so laying still and covering them with blind material had proven futile!!!! Please help.
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If they are running around, they most certainly are going to get picked off. One thing I did with my old dog when she was little was to take her kennel out in the field and cover it with blind material and set a deke on each side of it. She was already used to kenneling up and that gave me a way to keep her contained while providing an opportunity for her to watch the sky. Your dog will need to learn to settle down and it may help to put her where she is already used to it.
Since I've had 5 Finishers, I've trained my fetching lab to "Blind Up", she jumps into the blind and crawls down to the foot end and sticks out her head, only to mark the birds. It's tough using the power hunters with her, then she has to lay by my side and hide under the cover.

I just put a fullbody or two in front or next to the blind to mask the head of my lab to oncoming birds.It's worked all year the past two years for canada's, and last spring towards snows, so there's no reason it shouldn't work for you.

All it just takes is a little time to work with the dog, after two or three training lessons, it should become second nature to them!!!
I have my dog in my F/A Eliminator pro-guide with me. It is great when I am calling them in he just starts quivering with excitement and then when the lids come open he is marking the falling birds.
Exactly!!!! :D
train your dog to laydown and stay it isnt very hard when ever you see your dog just tell him to laydown and then stay keep him or her there for a while and then good boy girl and give your dog a treat. pretty soon your dog will be doing it for like five minutes and won't need a treat just you saying good dog and petting is enough for your dog
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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