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Does anyone hunt waterfowl with one of these new labradoodles? or goldoddle? I was thinking of getting a hunting/ family/ good pet and these seem interesting my grl could have allergy problems so this might be a good solution

I alos think the German Shortys and wirehaired are very interesting versatile dogs good in both water and field

Would love to get Golden or lab but leary of all the shedding, hips over breeding ect.
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Allergies might be something to concider. Fortunately we don't have that issue at our house. As to mixes, I've always gone with AKC Labs in the past, but my current hunting partner is a "Goldrador". Half Golden/Half Black Lab. As you can see in my Avatar, she's the best of both breeds. Great in the field and the house. :D
I would stay with an AKC lab. They are my personal favorite. They are also very friendly and work well with kids. I'd stay away from the pointers, they are very hyper and may not have the same temperment as a lab does. Labs also don't need as much room. Pointers need lots of room to run around. If shedding is of major conern I would stick with the pointer.
As for the field, labs are very versitle. We hunt ours over water and in the field as well as upland game birds. He is great at all. I'd stick to labs for hunting big birds like geese. They are better in the cold water than a short hair. Labs are built for the water. In the field, I guess both would work fine.
Thats my opinion on the subject. Good luck, and pick what best fits your family. It may be a good idea to talk to a breeder and gather more information about their behaviors.
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